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Preserved Wreaths

It’s wreath time here at the studio!!  While immersed in the busy wedding season we gather, dry and preserve products from our own and many kind friend's gardens.  We also bring in a large selection of preserved, bleached and tinted products from Holland!!  Preserving flowers with glycerin keeps the bloom soft while being treated with a bleach or tint to alter the colour.  We blend dried blooms with glycerine preserved blooms for beautiful, long lasting wreaths.  These displays are chalked full of interesting texture and colour, with each one unique from the other.


Sweet Garden $120

This wreath measures 17". It features a pretty mix of corn broom, strawflower, everlast, blush strawflower and eucalyptus. Bring a little garden into your room!

Soft Hydrangea $130

This natural wreath measures 19” in diameter. It features tan preserved hydrangea paired with soft bunny tail, bleached straw flower, eryngium and more. A pretty, neutral addition to the modern home.


Pretty Plumosa $130

This wreath measures 19" in diameter. It features preserved dyed orange deer moss, grevellia, teasel, scabiosa pods and straw flower. The orange, brown and cream colour palette suits today's modern style.

Swag $100

This piece measures 26" width and 12" height. It features pampas grass, palm fronds, preserved bleach straw flower and eryngium. A funky piece to add to your home.


Lovely Lunaria $120

This wreath measures 17” in diameter. A neutral blend of assorted bleached grass, teasels, lunaria, yarrow and strawflower. A soft, neutral design that will blend with any décor.

Natural Yarrow $130

This wreath measures 19” in diameter. Glycerin preserved scabiosa pods, yarrow, babies breath and eryngium with pampas grass and assorted rich strawflowers make for a beautiful, happy arrangement. 


Pretty Pampas $80

This wreath measures 24” in diameter. It features natural pods, pampas grass, soft bunny tail and apricot strawflower. Pretty for your door or wall.

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